Knee Pain

Each chiropractor at Queen Anne Chiropractic Center has seenQueen Anne Chiropractic Seattle Knee Pain their share of patients who have some sort of knee pain, and no two complaints are exactly the same. However, there are a number of factors to consider before heading to an orthopedic surgeon for a consult, and it starts with pelvis and hip alignment.

Pelvic & Hip Alignment for Knee Pain

As I mentioned in a blog post lower extremity joint pain is a lot like the alignment of a cars tires. If the alignment is off there will be an uneven and possibly enormous pressure on the hip, knee, ankle and foot. This can cause pain, muscle tightness, and over time can eventually predispose the joints to osteo-arthritis, aka degenerative joint disease.

This is often blamed simply on getting old, when in fact it often starts with symptoms like knee pain.

Just as car tires wear unevenly when they are misaligned, lumbo-pelvic misalignment can help wear down our body’s shock absorbers, including the knee. The longer this goes on the greater chance of being an excellent candidate for some type of repair. See knee replacement, cartilage repair/removal, or ligament damage.

See a Chiropractor Before You Have Pain

While many people see a chiropractor when they are already in discomfort, when it comes to the knee it is best to see one before a problem even begins.

Pelvic misalignment can happen a countless number of different ways:

  • A fall as a child
  • Falling as an adult
  • Sporting activities
  • Over training
  • Physical Trauma

Very few people escape any of these issues, and the sooner they have their spines checked, including their pelvis the greater likelihood their body’s shock absorbers will stay perfect.

When Should You See an Orthopedic Surgeon for Knee Pain

Knee Pain Seattle, WA Queen Anne ChiropracticThe easy answer is the last resort. That, unfortunately does not give orthopedic surgeons enough credit as they are magicians at what they do. The best thing, in my opinion, is to avoid surgery at all possible, and that is coming from someone who tore their knee up playing lacrosse and hockey.

When knee pain becomes too unbearable, the joint locks up, or there is constant popping and clicking sounds in the knee it might be time to see a medical physician. With today’s scans they can often pinpoint the cause if it is a larger issue, however if it isn’t:

  • Torn Ligaments
  • Torn Meniscus – Cartilage
  • Broken Kneecap or Leg
  • A Baker’s Cyst or another soft tissue issue

It is my recommendation that a chiropractor is seen first, and hopefully with the realignment of your pelvis and spine your knee will be pain free in no time.