The Chiropractic Techniques at Queen Anne Chiropractic Center

The chiropractic profession is a combination of science, art, and philosophy. Each chiropractor utilizes each element of of the profession to varying degrees, and it is the hope that all three are mastered but balanced.

At Queen Anne Chiropractic Center we keep up with the latest studies regarding health and science, our philosophical base is strong, and our chiropractic adjustment skills are excellent. Each chiropractor will determine what will be the best chiropractic technique for each patient who seeks care at our office.

The factors taken into consideration when determining which chiropractic technique will be used range from your current health status, physical history, and age to body type and your own personal preference.

There is a technique solution for whatever your current needs are.

The primary chiropractic techniques that we use are:

The Diversified Chiropractic Technique – This chiropractic technique is the most popular adjustment technique that is part of the core curriculum while studying to become a chiropractor. It is the technique the majority of people who are familiar with chiropractic think of when the term adjustment is mentioned.

The Gonstead Chiropractic Technique – Named for the chiropractor who developed the technique, Dr. Clarence Gonstead. The technique developed over the 54 years Dr. Gondtead was in practice, and it is estimated he adjusted over 2,000,000 patients with his specific chiropractic technique over that time period.

The Gonstead approach is manual chiropractic adjusting technique that utilizes a specific adjusting bench and chair to deliver the adjustment.

Thompson Drop-Table Chiropractic Technique – If you ever hear a loud thumping sound coming out of one of the rooms, it is from a drop-table. These tables look intimidating, and are commented on often, but it is one of the most gentle osseous techniques that can be used for someone who is in acute pain.

The Thompson drop-table’s that we have at Queen Anne Chiropractic Center help people who are in acute pain get into the correct prone position easily with its hydraulic lift system.

Activator Methods – One of the gentlest chiropractics around, the Activator instrument makes a slight clicking sound each time it is used. Each adjustment involves repeating a series of leg checks based on the techniques required protocol to clear subluxations. The adjustments can be deceptively powerful, as each click can deliver up to 35lbs of pressure per square inch.

Dr. Graeme is certified in the Activator Methods chiropractic protocol.

Sacral-Occipital Technique aka S.O.T. – This chiropractic technique is considered a non-force technique and is extremely gentle. Our office typically uses it by request, or if a patient’s symptoms warrent the lightest technique we typically use.

The technique itself involves a blocking protocol, utilizing an S.O.T. board and blocks. Depending on the condition of the person receiving an adjustment, time is utilized according typically ranging from five minutes to 20 minutes.

The Webster Technique – This chiropractic technique is utilized for women who have been diagnosed with a baby in the breech position. This technique can also potentially prevent a breech position, as it allows for relaxed muscles and ligaments that promote natural movement of the baby.

Developed by Dr. Larry Webster, D.C. in 1978. Dr. Webster was also the founder of the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association. The technique was previously known as Webster’s “In-Utero Constraint Technique” or “Webster’s Breech Turning Technique,” It has been extremely successful in reducing intrauterine constraint and allowing conversion of diagnosed breech presentations to cephalic presentation for over twenty years.

Since each chiropractor became certified in this technique, we have had an extremely high success rate in helping breech babies turn naturally without a medical procedure.