Our Chiropractors

When you visit Queen Anne Chiropractic Center you can be assured that each one of our Seattle chiropractors will have your best interests at heart.

Dr. Darrell Gibson, D.C., Dr. Sarah Gibson, D.C., Dr. Graeme Gibson, D.C. have been residents of the Seattle area since arriving in 1991. Each one continues to reside on Queen Anne, only a few short blocks from their office. This allows for a great convenience for all of those in need desperate need of a chiropractor during an acute exacerbation or house call. You can also be certain that in cases of incumbent weather or power outages, a chiropractor will in the office.

The main focus of our is to help you get well, stay healthy, and to accomplish this as naturally as possible.

Each doctor knows a variety of chiropractic techniques that can suit every person. Whether it is Gonstead, diversified, the Palmer method, or SOT and activator, we will have a solution to help you.