Dr. Graeme Gibson, D.C.

My name is Dr. Graeme Gibson, and I have been a Chiropractor in Seattle, WA. Since graduating from Life Chiropractic College West in June of 2001, I have been a chiropractor in private practice at Queen Anne Chiropractic Center. I work along side of my father, Darrell, and sister, Sarah. We have a true family chiropractic clinic and because of our different personalities and interests we have been able to help a large cross section of the Seattle, WA population with a wide variety of symptoms.
One of the best things about being in practice is seeing people get well instantly before your eyes, when moments before they were wincing in extreme pain while hobbling into the office. However, this is not where my entire passion for practicing chiropractic is.

Chiropractor in Seattle

Techniques: Diversified, Gonstead, Thompson, SOT, Webster, and Activator.

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The cornerstone to chiropractic is that the body is a self healing organism, and if we can clear the pathway for proper communication between the brain and the rest of the body, people will get well. They will stay healthy. They can get into a position to make different choices about drugs, medications, and surgeries.
This goes across the board for each man, woman, and child who is welcomed into our practice, and that is why you will see so many healthy, smiling families when you visit us.

Whenever I meet another chiropractor I always ask them what their story is. Why did they choose to become a Doctor of Chiropractic? How much do they love helping people get well, stay well, and helping them gain confidence in the fact that drugs and surgery are not the only answers to remain “healthy.”

The typical story is always fascinating, and often revolves a moment when a chiropractic adjustment helped solve a serious or long term ache, pain, illness, or disability. I have collected these stories over the years, because my story is not quite as exciting, but would be considered amazing nonetheless.

Health and wellness through chiropractic has always been the mainstay of my family. We have all relied on optimal nervous system function through the chiropractic adjustment as the main form of our family’s health.
This has allowed my health to function at a very high level, and avoid many or the acute or chronic conditions associated with why a person might see a chiropractor in the first place. This optimum health prevented all of the typical things we see in people everyday:

  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Headaches
  • Ear Infections
  • Common & chronic illness
  • Muscle pains and strain

Until the age of 17, I had never taken any pill or medication to relieve pain or deal with any type of health symptom. I didn’t have any to deal with. That changed in a major way when I injured my knee, and developed a fondness for orthopedic surgery, I do have an appreciation for medications and pain relievers when needed, but still believe our society has a dependency on them in cases where they are not warratented, or could have been prevented.

The surgery itself was caused by an overuse injury while playing field lacrosse. I did not listen to my body and chose to overtrain which stretched out the ligaments, until tearing in the middle of our final game of the season.
This set off a course of events that led to my becoming a chiropractor far earlier then I had expected. Instead of playing four years of college hockey at a top NCAA school, I entered Life College of Chiropractic, where I played two years in the NAIA program, where we won two consecutive national championships.

For the greater part of my life, it revolved around health, sports, and education. During my last few years of playing competitive hockey my injury totals were adding up. Three knee surgeries, dislocated hand & shattered wrist, two wrist surgeries, another fractured wrist, and a chronic neck & back injury, I actually started to understand how frustrating many people who are suffering through pain & illness might be feeling.

This has allowed me to comprehend many of the situations our patients are dealing with the first time they enter our office. The empathy I have for a person in chronic pain changed after I had experienced it myself. The irritability and fatigue due to the constant discomfort. The hopeless feeling as you go from expert to expert in search of a cure.
It amazes me how many or our priorities in life can change in an instant. After my wife, Kate, and I had our son in 2006 a whole new list was made, and our old one was left in the dust. However, as a chiropractor, one of the items that remained at the top of our priority list was the need for chiropractic care so our entire family could maintain proper nervous system health naturally.

Now that my son is older, and we have a daughter who has joined our ranks, the concept of natural, drug free living plays an even more significant role than it did previously. It is my goal to not only set a great example for my family, but also for each and every person that enters Queen Anne Chiropractic for care. Being a chiropractor in Seattle for over a decade has been a true blessing.