Patient Process

Queen Anne Chiropractic Center New Patients Process

There are 3 initial steps involved in establishing care with our doctors. We are also pleased to provide free consultations prior to your initial visit if you have any questions about how chiropractic care can help you, a friend, or family member.

We understand that many patients may be transferring from other chiropractic offices and may have already gone over some of the information below. We strive to take care of each patient’s individual needs and are happy to tailor your appointments accordingly. However, the scheduled visits outlined below help us to gather the necessary information about you and give you a chance to get to know our doctors and how we can work together to achieve your health goals.


Consultation, Exam, X-rays, & Spinal Adjustment (30 minutes)

Your first visit will start with a complete exam that includes physical, neurological, orthopedic testing, as well as a complete patient, family, and social history. These are very important in helping us determine what approach in your specific care plan will be.

Will you need X-rays? X-ray’s are very important when trying to detect subluxations and determine the severity of subluxations, and fixations of your spine. They will help you, and us, better understand the current state of your body’s structure and help us get to the root of your problem. These images can help reveal pathologies, document the history of your spinal health, and guide us in creating a care plan based on your unique spinal condition.

If you have current films from another doctor we are happy to request them. Some patients that have been established as chiropractic patients for years prior may not need new x-rays taken, but the doctor will determine whether there is a need on a case by case basis based on your current health issues. Our front desk will also verify your insurance benefits and discuss the various financial options we have.


Doctor’s Report & Spinal Adjustment (40 minutes)

The Doctor’s Report is the most important visit. It is designed to help you understand how we approach your chiropractic care. It is a chance for you to ask specific questions about your individual care, as well as answer many of these common questions:

  • What will it take to get you well?
  • What can you expect from Chiropractic Care?
  • What can you do to help speed up the process?
  • Pain Relief vs. Correction vs. Wellness Care
  • How can you better deal with stress?

Each new patient has the opportunity to attend the orientation on Wednesday at 12:15pm or 6:15pm or Saturdays at 12:15pm. This will be preceded by or followed up with your scheduled adjustment.

We encourage you to bring your spouse or significant other with you to the class. This is offered as a community service and no charge will be passed on to you or your guest.


Report of Findings & Spinal Adjustment (15 minutes)

This appointment is usually about 15 minutes and gives you and the doctor individual time to go over your x-rays, exam findings, and discuss a care plan that can help you with your current concerns as well long term goals.


Spinal Adjustments & Re-Exams (5-10 minutes)

Each appointment for your spinal adjustment lasts usually between 5-10 minutes. A reexam is done on a monthly basis to determine your progress and to examine how you are responding to the current care plan. At this time you and the doctor can discuss the frequency of care and adjust your care plan accordingly.

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