Even More Concerns About Mercury in Dentistry

Mike Adams, editor at, just posted another fantastic article about the continued use of mercury in dentistry, and the unwavering support of the FDA, AMA, and the top officials in dentistry. Mr. Adams concludes that the use and support of mercury amalgams really comes down to a money issue, as the substance is extremely cheap.

While I don’t seem to run into too many youngsters with “silver fillings” which seemed to be the norm growing up, I do find it startling that mercury is a component in any type of health care practice.

It is common knowledge that mercury is extremely toxic, as we have been warned to keep it away from our skin, to avoid eating certain types of fish, and that only a few grams can ruin entire ecosystems. Yet, we are to believe that it is completely safe when it is found in our mouth?

Mr. Adams also brings up the issue of safety, as mercury amalgams not only give off toxic vapor every time we chew, but the fillings are not actually fixed to the teeth. The substance is simply placed into the area, and we essentially hope they don’t fall out.

Reviewing the potential side effects of mercury and mercury vapor exposure certainly makes you understand the major concerns that we should have. The concerns range from nervous system damage, psychotic episodes, and suicidal tendencies.

An issue that Mr. Adams does not discuss is the difference between inorganic mercury, which are found in fillings, and organic mercury, which is the kind found in vaccinations as a preservative. While discussing this issue with a chiropractic friend, Dr. Scott Swanson, we realized that the organic form of mercury is readily absorbed by the body. This makes the potential damage much greater, as the body has a much more difficult time eliminating this toxic substance, and can lead to many of the same damage as outlined in the article.

It would seem that the evidence is clear on the harmful effects of mercury exposure are, and it is inexcusable that any agency continues to support its use.

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Home Birth Advice For Dads | Queen Anne Seattle Chiropractic

Kate and Gordie | Queen Anne Seattle Chiropractor in Seattle, WA

I have to admit I am getting a little nervous about the new baby coming. I play it cool most of the time, and I don’t have any bad experiences from the birth of Gordon. However, I do remember a couple of weeks prior to Gordie’s arrival, my nervous system went into hyper-drive. Difficulty sleeping. Eating poorly. Watching too much television. Gaining 30lbs over 9 months.

This time I was determined to make different choices along the way. However, I still gained weight, but started exercising earlier, before the baby has arrived.

My body has actually only been surviving on 4-5 hours of sleep since August. A combination of mono, and I believe my body preparing for late night feedings. It just knows whats coming. The best part is, I am actually not very tired, and I refuse to believe this is just a getting older thing.

I think the stress really kicked into high gear a week ago when Kate and I visited our midwife, specially so she could explain the procedure of delivering a baby by myself, just in case someone couldn’t make it to our home in time. I wanted to mention something about just being able to Google it, but I was too busy trying to look cool, while my body was shuddering inside. I don’t think it is a limitation as a chiropractor. I can do it. I could do. I’d prefer not to. It’s just how I am.

Four years ago was a whirlwind, and I believe I am better able to cope and accept the responsibilities of another child, but I wish I had written a few things down like this fellow’s home birth for dad’s blog. Another great find from Jeanne Ohm, and something I wish I knew about looking for prior to our first home birth.Read More >

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Cervical Misalignment Linked to SIDS

You shouldn’t have to be a parent to recognize the devastating impact that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome could play in a family. It is a syndrome that I have seen medicine link to: mattresses, cribs, parents, genetics, vaccinations, as well as admitting they are not very sure of the cause.

With as many potential causes, parents do their best to protect and prevent the potential of SIDS. This is where chiropractic care via an adjustment to a child’s cervical spine can play a roll. Dr. Dan Murphy, D.C. extracted this information from a study published in Forensic Science International back in 2002.

As the study says, it is estimated that as many as 17.8% of children have asymmetry and misalignment in the top three vertebra of the neck. They also validate the use of chiropractic adjustments as one of the best and safest ways at correcting this problem, and allowing the body to repair the motor and sensory losses sustained from asymmetry.

Over 20,000 adjustments to children, with zero side effects, and positive results.Read More >

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Excellent Pediatric Chiropractic Care Interview

This really made my evening when I saw a post from Dr. Jeanne Ohm, D.C., president of the IPCA. It is a fantastic interview and explanation on why it is recommended that children be checked by a chiropractor, and the benefits that can follow. In the last few weeks we have been seeing even more children as well as entire Seattle families, and it makes practicing all that more rewarding.

Hopefully, more candid interviews with chiropractors can be done by other local news teams.

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CBS News: You forgot to mention Chiropractic!

Seattle Chiropractor Ear infections Chiropractic

I told myself on Friday: NO MORE EAR INFECTION POSTS. Now it’s Monday, and our first ear infection post of the week.

A recent CBS news video and article reveal doctors new advice on ear infections.

No more antibiotics, and let the body heal itself. Were they talking to a chiropractor? Obviously not because the forgot to mention that chiropractic adjustments can relieve symptoms and ultimately allow the body to right itself when suffering from an ear infection.

No mention of chiropractic or the success chiropractors have helping in this matter? Just more drugs.Read More >

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Ear Infections and a Chiropractor Part 2

In a follow up to my original article on chiropractic helping children eliminate chronic ear infections with the help of a chiropractic adjustment, is a nice news story done last year about that very subject.

Ear infections do not need to be a normal part of childhood, and chiropractors should not be the last resort. They should be the first resort, and every parent should know about an adjustmentRead More >

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3 Reasons Children Should See a Chiropractor

Seattle Chiropractor for Children

Have you ever run into somebody that always needs proof?  Your word, your experience, and more often than not the endless amount of proof you provide for them isn’t enough either.  Due to some of the stigmas and myths that revolve and evolve around chiropractic, I have a tendency to run into these people. A lot.

Luckily, we have a chiropractor like Dr. Patrick V. Suglia, D.C. and the ICPA, who recently brought three peer reviewed chiropractic studies which validate chiropractic care for children.

I have seen so many dramatic changes in the children who have been adjusted in our office, that much of this proof only reinforces what I have know for a long time.  However, adding information and ammunition to our repertoire cannot be seen as a bad thing.

– A study done by Abraham Towbin, M.D., an expert in pathology, shows that “Spinal cord and brain stem injuries occur often during the process of birth but frequently escape diagnosis.” (Towbin, A., “Latent Spinal Cord and brain Stem Injury in Newborn Infants”, Develp Med. Child. Neurol, 11:54-68,1969) This often leads to something known as Blocked Atlantal Nerve Syndrome, a primary cause of upper respiratory infections including ear infections and chronicRead More >

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Ear Infections: Gone in a FLASH

ear infections super hero

ear infections super hero

One of the biggest misconceptions about many childhood ailments is that they simply come with territory, and the few spared were lucky, while the unlucky ones simply suffer. My favorite example of this are children who suffer from acute or chronic ear infections (Otitis Media.)

My sister and I were some of the lucky ones to never have suffered the pain and suffering from an ear infection. My parents did not have to deal with this malady nor the difficult choices of putting a child on antibiotics, or contemplating the infamous tubes that were so commonly used among my friends. I remember being at a friends birthday party when one of his “tubes” popped out of his ear. He still always had ear infections, so the surgery was done in vain, as a last ditch attempt to provide some relief. Tubes can still be common in what choices are readily made available today for sufferers with extremely low resolution rates.

What parents must know is that the vast majority of ear infections are completely Read More >

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