Back Pain Results: Study Compares Chiropractic to P.T. and Back Education

Back Pain article about chiropracticA study complete in January, 2010 published in the Clinical Rehabilitation Journal studied the benefits of chiropractic adjustments to physical therapy, and back education.

The results showed that chiropractic adjustments(manipulation) group showed the greatest improvement from an individual treatment.

“Spinal manipulation was associated with higher functional improvement and long-term pain relief than back school or individual physiotherapy, but received more further treatment at follow-ups; pain recurrences and drug intake were also reduced compared to back school or individual physiotherapy.”
Cecchi F, Molino-Lova R, Chiti M, et al. Spinal manipulation compared with back school and with individually delivered physiotherapy for the treatment of chronic low back pain: a randomized trial with one-year follow-up. Clin Rehabil. Jan 2010;24(1):26-36.

It’s great to see a non-chiropractic journal showing the positive results the majority of chiropractors are seeing everyday in their office.

Dr Graeme Gibson, D.C.
Seattle Chiropractor

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