Extreme Love: Life with Autism

One of the most memorable times in my chiropractic career was the day a mother allowed me to adjust her young daughter, who happened to be on the “autism spectrum.”  She was 3 1/2 years old, constantly ill with a cold, flue, or something else.  At this point she did not speak, and the parents were told that there was limited to no likelihood of her ever speaking, nor living a “regular life.”

This was in 2009.  Fast forward to 2012 and you will meet a well adjusted, bright, smiling, super talkative big sister who now attends a regular school.  While the transformation following her first chiropractic adjustment was rather quick(she was speaking within 3 weeks) and her chronic colds and flues disappeared immediately, the experience peaked my interest in autism.

While I have been told that this little girl’s situation was simply anecdotal by some in the medical field(some have even told me it was a placebo effect), I know what a major impact this transformation has had on this family.

No longer do they see doctors 5-6 days each week. They have had a chance to go on vacation, and begin raising a healthy child. That’s what brings me to this video clip from Louis Theroux’s 2 part documentary series Extreme Love.

I have been a fan of Louis Theroux ever since I first watched Louis Theroux’s Wild Weekends. Over the past decade he has matured into one of the best documentary film makes and interviewers I have ever seen. He has a candid way about him without making the subject feel ignorant, and lucky for us he has decided to tackle some serious subject matter.

In part one of this series, Extreme Love: Autism, Louis explores the reality of families living with autistic children. At times it is frustrating, but most of the time it is heart breaking. I’ve chosen to include a dramatic clip of what one family has to deal with every day, and as the woman states, most people have no idea what a family with an autistic child has to deal with.


I have been fortunate to know some local Seattle teachers who run autism programs at local schools, and they also love seeing a chiropractor. In the time I have known them they have shared some of their experiences and it is an absolutely thankless job.

Lucky for us there are people who don’t mind doing the heavy lifting in life.

If you enjoy this clip make sure you check out the entire video when it becomes available on Netflix. The second part of the series deals with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. While the subject matter may initially not seem uplifting, the programs are worth watching.

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Cholesterol Drugs Help 1 out of 100 Users

Just another reason why people should question what they are told by commercials and the pharmaceutical companies that produce them. Not only do the statin drugs prescribed to lower “bad” cholesterol have serious side effects, the drugs may only have an effect in 1 out of 100 users.

It would be extremely interesting to see the double blind study on the short and long term health results of the 99 users that the drugs had no beneficial effect.

The fact that drug companies are now targeting children with these same drugs is even scarier. Hopefully parents will wake up before it’s too late.

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Miracle or Anecdotal: Chiropractor Helps Child After Head Trauma

If I was to choose one thing that bothers me the most about being a chiropractor, it would be the amount of times I have heard the term “anecdotal”. As in anecdotal evidence.

For those of you familiar with this term, it is an easy way for a person to discount the effect of a chiropractic adjustment on the body. It also removed credit from the potential that the body can heal itself.

The video above is a prime example of what would be considered anecdotal evidence of the effect of chiropractic. Naysayers would simply chalk up the success as random chance. They would say that the child would have improved with or without the adjustment, if they had only waited.

Luckily, with the improvements of technology, chiropractors can bring all of our anecdotal evidence together and start making waves. I do realize that this isn’t the double blind control study that works so well with drugs and pharmaceutical medications, but it is a start.

Once the gold standard scientific model catches up with chiropractic and can measure every effect the adjustment can have on the body, we might be able to “prove” our efficacy. Until then, we can just settle for these anecdotal miracles.

Graeme Gibson

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Video: Chiropractic and Reducing Blood Pressure

Chiropractors have known about the connection between subluxations and blood pressure for many years, but people continue to be in prescription medications for this diagnosis. This video does a fantastic job explaining and illustrating the important connection between the nervous system, high blood pressure, and the effect a chiropractic adjustment can have in reducing the symptoms naturally.

Even though I don’t always love the seeing a medical doctor giving his opinion on the effects of chiropractic, as it seems to be a way of validating or invalidating the information being presented, the M.D. does a reasonable job at be impartial and agreeing with the findings. Kudos to him.

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The Foot Fist Way: Gordie is The King of the Demo

If you haven’t seen the movie The Foot Fist Way the title might not make sense. Kate put this small video together.

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Video Slideshow: Gordie Goes for his Yellow Belt

As some of you may know, our 3 year old son has been in Tae Kwon Do lessons at Martial Sports on the south side of Queen Anne Hill. He has had a blast the last few months, and I highly recommend the place.

For the past month Gordon has understood that when he achieves a certain amount of stripes he can test for his yellow belt, and today was the day.

Kate and I were very proud of him, and he put in a great effort. A few professional MMA fighters and instructors came in half way through, but his nerves didn’t get the best of him.

We don’t have any post testing photos due to an incident where on the last bow to the instructor and an extremely powerful high five/punch plus KEEE-YAH, Gordo lost a band-aid off his pinky finger. This caused a little bit of laughter from the peanut gallery as the band-aid flew through the air, and it was melt down time by the big dog.

Enjoy the short slideshow video we put together. There will be some live video when we get around to it, and the music in this is great so make sure your speakers are on.

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Excellent Pediatric Chiropractic Care Interview

This really made my evening when I saw a post from Dr. Jeanne Ohm, D.C., president of the IPCA. It is a fantastic interview and explanation on why it is recommended that children be checked by a chiropractor, and the benefits that can follow. In the last few weeks we have been seeing even more children as well as entire Seattle families, and it makes practicing all that more rewarding.

Hopefully, more candid interviews with chiropractors can be done by other local news teams.

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Hangover Star pokes fun at Cat Chiropractic

Cat Chiropractor Episode 1 with Zach Galifianakis from Bobby Tisdale

Zach Galifinakis, star of the movie the Hangover, pokes fun with the idea of a Cat Chiropractor. I resisted at first to find the video funny, but by the end I was having a pretty good laugh at the faux chiropractor.

The beginning of the short video reminded me of some cheesy commercial we would’ve seen by a do-it-yourselfer who didn’t want to pay a professional.

The second part had me howling, as in my second year of practice, my dad walked into a room, and a large, always friendly, dog jumped him from behind a door and put A LOT of pressure onto his hand.

Luckily it didn’t break skin, however Buddy wasn’t allowed to come back.Read More >

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Video: Neuroplasticity and The Arrowsmith School

If you use the video on your site but please link back to Queen Anne Chiropractic Center

After writing my last blog post about neuroplasticity and chiropractic, reviewing the documentary, and reading some of the responses I received,  I decided to find a small clip of the documentary, The Brain That Changes Itself(Courtesy of the CBC.)  If you’re interested I highly recommend renting or purchasing the full length doc.

Although my life doesn’t revolve around this subject, Kate and I briefly discussed the potential of implementing such a program in the Seattle local schools, or privately in the Queen Anne area. I think there is a real need for a program to change the actual function of the brain so the kids who keep falling through the cracks have the ability to thrive.

The subject of Neuroplasticity hit me over the head again today when I was updated on the progress of a patient I was caring for with the use of specialized chiropractic adjustments and exercises to effect the neuroplasticity of his brain.  The overall consensus was he was seeing reasonable improvement in the short period in which I had been adjusting him.  The universe really does answer what you put out there doesn’t it?  I am hoping I will be able to work with him again, and maybe even create a case study out of the results.

It might just be time for me to sign up for a Chiropractic Neurology program.

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